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Sex with boss Sex With My Lusty Old Boss

Sex with boss
Sex with Boss - Hello guys. I am Maya. I am from Mumbai. I am a happily married woman. I am 36 years old and my hubby is 37 years. I have a voluptuous body and my figure is 40c-30-41. I am 5’9 in height, fair looking with long hair. My hubby is also a smart guy. He works as an IT manager in a MNC. I am a secretary in a production house which is into movies and modeling. I myself do a little bit of modeling sometimes. I have been working here for the past 5 years and its fun.
Let me share with you a little more about me. I have always had a thing for older guys. I have many fantasies like having a gang-bang, walking naked in public, and to have sex with a guy or guys in front of my hubby. Later on I got married but my affair with my boss was always going on. My thirst for sex increased as my hubby was always busy with work and my boss satisfied me. A little about my boss; he is 54 years old, tall, well built, kinky guy and too much hunger for sex as he had lost interest in his wife. He has a nice cock 8 inch in length and 4 inches thick. He likes to experiment with me. He makes me wear slutty clothes when we are on tours.

He buys me great lingerie, bikinis and mini dresses which would reveal my ass and boobs. We go on many tours especially to Goa. My boss the day he saw me he always had an eye on me. He always had lust in his eyes. Later on I started having an affair with him and as I was his secretary I had to be together with him on meetings and business tours. He took good care of me by buying gifts, clothes and completely paid trips. I have many experiences to share with you which happened between me and my boss. I would like to share one of the experiences.

This happened when we had gone to Delhi for a meeting. It was expected to be of 1 week. It was just me and my boss. My hubby had all knowledge that I would be going on tours and meetings with my boss, so he was never a problem. The meeting got finished in a day and half. We still had 5 ½ days remaining and didn’t know what to do.

Later on in evening my boss said, Maya since we have come this far lets go to Manali. I was also excited and said yes. We had a 1 last night in Delhi and wanted to enjoy, so we decided to go to a local club at night. I wore a nice slutty black strapless mini dress and no bra just thongs. The dress was so short that if I bent everyone would see my ass. I wore nice high heels. My boss went crazy looking at me. I like when people look at me with lusty eyes. My boss is a bit overprotective when it’s me.

We went to the pub, it was real busy. We somehow got a table for 2 and my boss went and got a few beers for starters. As drinks started flowing he started getting cozy with me. He started kissing my neck and smooching me. After sometime he again went to get drinks and as I was adjusting my dress from top, I could see a few guys staring at me with lust and smiling. I also felt a bit horny and gave them a smile. They were at my table in no time. Since there was a bit of crowd at the bar my boss was taking a bit of time. They told that they were from Delhi and gave their numbers and went. I was feeling like a whore and was getting wet as well. After sometime my boss came with whisky. I knew, I was going to have a wild night. He said we need to shift tables as he had seen a nice table in a corner. We moved there. It was a nice dark and cozy place.

After one glass of whiskey, my boss was all over me kissing me and touching my boobs and pussy from dress. I also started touching his cock and it was real hard. Then we had more drinks and went on the dance floor. It was crowded and there was no place to dance. As we were moving towards the dance floor, guys were touching my ass and smiling at me. I just winked at them.

I and my boss started having close dance and he was feeling me everywhere. I started touching his cock and it was hard like a rock. I looked at him and he smiled and told me, let’s go to our room. I wanted to dance and enjoy the looks I was getting but my boss had other plans.

He just pulled my hand and took me out of the pub. It was around 12 am and there was no transport available, so we decided to walk. While walking we were kissing and my boss was feeling me everywhere. The distance wasn’t too far. Then the removed my dress down and started sucking my boobs in middle of the road. My panty was completely wet. This was the 1st time on street I was getting my boobs sucked.

Then my boss again started kissing me and rubbed his fingers on my pussy and said, baby you are completely wet. We must go to our room fast. We started walking again towards our hotel and then my boss slipped his hand under my dress and put my thong strip aside and put his middle finger in my pussy. I gave a small yell and he smiled at me and kissed me. We walked till our hotel in the same way and as the hotel came near he removed his finger and put in my mouth and I licked all the juices and the guard was looking at us and I just smiled at him.

Then we reached the reception and there were around 10 to 15 people seated. My boss asked for the keys and kissed on my neck and cheeks. As we were walking towards the lift, he again put his hand on my ass.

The staff and guests were looking at me. I heard one of the guys saying, what a bitch. I bet she is a call girl. I would pay any price to fuck her the whole night. I was getting hornier on hearing that. As we were waiting for the lift my boss started kissing me and then we entered the lift. There was a couple in their 40s in our lift. The wife was looking at me with disgust look and her hubby was staring at my body while entering. I bet he must have fucked me in his mind. We were kissing in the lift also and then our floor came.

We walked towards our room and the couple from the lift had a room in front of us. They opened the room and went in. My boss was struggling as we were drunk. He then opened the room and pulled my hair and pushed me inside. I was a little shocked. He came in and slammed the door. Then he pulled me by my hand and put me against the wall and ripped of my dress. This was the 1st time he was being rough with me.

I was standing just in my thongs. He caught my hands and put it straight on top against the wall and his other hand was rubbing my pussy. I was moaning loudly and he started kissing me to stop my voice. Then he released my hands and my hands straight went to his cock. I started rubbing it through his jeans.

I was also getting horny and my pussy was completely wet. I unzipped his jeans and removed his shirt. He was also naked now. While we were kissing, he was rubbing my pussy and pressing my boobs and I was stroking his cock. Then he pushed me down to suck his cock. I was sucking his cock like a candy bar. I couldn’t take it completely in my mouth. I had stretched my mouth completely and he was pressing and gagging me with his cock. I sucked his cock for a good amount of time and there was his pre cum dripping from my lips.

He then pulled me again by my hair and bent me on the table and removed my thong and started licking my pussy. I was screaming again. But this time he kept on licking it with my asshole as well. Then he stood and started fingering my pussy. Then after sometime he removed his fingers and put it in my mouth.

Then slowly he put his huge cock in my pussy and started thumping me slowly. Then his speed increased and he started pulling my hair as if he was riding a horse. I was felling real pleasure and I had my 1st orgasm.

After some time he again pulled my hair and put me on bed. He stretched my legs and put his cock again in my pussy. I was just screaming, fuck me more baby more. He then again kissed me and we were having great sex.

Then he put me in doggie style and pushed his cock in my pussy and started thumping me again. While thumping, he started slapping my ass and I was screaming like a bitch. He said, do you like it baby? Come on say my name. And I was yes baby fuck me. Your cock is so big. He also started talking dirty then while having sex.

He said your hubby must be thinking you are in a meeting but you wrapped around my cock and he laughed. He fucked me the for at least 2 to 3 hrs. Then we were about to cum and I had another orgasm. As soon as he was about to cum, he removed his cock from my pussy and put it in my mouth. All his cum was in my mouth and on my face. Then I started licking his cock and till the last drop.

My face was completely covered in cum. I put his cock on my mouth and rubbed my face clean with it and again sucked his cock. Then I was in his arms and he was having a cigarette and gave me also a couple of puffs.

Later he told me that we were going to Manali in morning and I was excited that there will be more sex and fun. I was more interested because I had seen his wild side and was curious to know what he would do to me in Manali.

Guys if you liked my experience, please let me know on I will be back to narrate my Manali experience.
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