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Unexpected Night With A Shy Girl

Couple Sex Story - This is the first time am doing so, if any spelling mistake and etc ( if there) then sorry.. fine here we are with the story.. My story of how I met her, how things went on to the pole, how that aroma and the satin gown turned me into a beast. Seems that I should go on to the story now. So ladies and lads get hold of your tool coz this journey is going to be wild and sweet as honey.

So before going up to the story, I deserve an introduction of myself. Well,am BEING NAUGHTILICIOUS (pen name)   am a 21 year old chap, decently built,almost 6″ feet tall.. living in a Posh area of MUMBAI..and girls love to me see me in Ray Bans as I have a huge collection of them ,ridding my bullet across the streets..( very much crazy about Ray Bans..) Well, this happened when I was in 12th, as usual life was just hitting around books and schools as it was the time of board exam.. just as boring as possible.

Every year I just keep expecting some new girl coming inside the class, and all boys having their jaws down, and the perfume should carry them in the air when she passes by.. STOP.. imaginations work only in fairy tale.. but sometime even fairy tales turns out to be true in real… yes, it did happen.Yeah it was SHREYA ( dummy name), from Chennai.. Wait, I had a very bad impression on Chennai girls.. they were very conservative, play politics. Never mingle with guys.. and the bad thing is when some guy would just try to say ” how are you darling ” then trust me u are gone for no reason.. (hated them…)

School started as usual at 8:15 am.. first period was maths, I hated it when it’s first period… the best part of maths is The Teacher, she defines hotness.. a mere 40 year old lady, looked like in her 25-30s.. well maintained figure, pink lips, always wore a tight patiala (a punjabi dress worn by ladies ) which defined her well shaped boobies, tight ass… her slim hips.. wwoooww, it’s just like a morning feast for me to see her like that.. and sitting on the first bench during maths period was a never let go luck.. ( as everyone fought for that bench in maths period) .. my imagination was pouring for her..

I wanted her to pounce on me where I will feel her boobies slowly slowly over her patiala, turning her back and kiss her shoulders on her patiala holding her hips.. pinching it.. play with her hot boobies from behind.. fuccckkk morning was always great if it was maths.. the period got over so was my imagination.. second period was chemistry ( boring subject of all, nothing was interesting nor the teacher, nor the subject) I was just drawing some shit on my book and then suddenly someone just said sweetly ” ma’am may I come in “… my head just turned on as if someone called my name.. it was SHREYA.. not too fair looking girl..I was scanning her from top to bottom..

FACe- not bad, could be better with make up..
LIPS- won’t mind sucking it all day long, pink and juicy..
BOBBIES- Wwooowww what a creation of god, beautiful.. suckilliiiccciiooouuss..might be 36
ASS- this thing deserved to be fucked hard by me..

The scanning was all over when she just passed by me exposing her long hot legs , skirt above her knees..Wooww her perfume.. the aroma turned me on.. didn’t know about other guys but my jaws were dropped down.. WAIT WAIT SHIT she’s sitting with PRIYA ( aaarrgghhh I hate this girl, a fighter cock, never liked boys.. seems that she was a lesbian.. ). As my eyes were following SHREYA, PRIYA caught me looking at shreya. Huh..!! Whatever..

Am sure this bitch is gonna tell something or the other when SHREYA would ask ” who all should I mingle with, as I am new here ” ..

Days passed by, things were all good when one day this distraction made me very embarrassed. One day she just entered the class and was walking towards the bench where PRIYA was sitting, my eyes were following her.. Wooww, her ass.. going ting tong ting. Left to right.. fuck god, I want that thing to be on my ass, shaking it up and down moaning oooouuucccchhh, fuck me, fuck me.. she sat and then I was just starring at her juicy melons, wwoww what a thing that was.. I was caught by PRIYA, then she whispered something in SHREYA ‘s ears she then shifted her bag a bit such that my view gets blocked.. ( I hate that bitch PRIYA)  ..

The next day as usual this beauty bird was late, and there was no seat empty other than mine ( as my partner was absent and so was Priya, .. all thanks to the god of luck no one that day sat next to me) , she came and sat next to me.. wowooowwwoowowoww what a sight, what a distraction. I again thought odd starring at her juicy melons but didn’t wanted to spoil my impression. All I was enjoying was her aromatic perfume which was turning me on and on and on.. the whole day we didn’t talk. Schhoool got over, went home with the samw thoughts as of how great it will be of sucking her boobs while slapping her ass from behind..

I don’t know what made me so lucky, when I opened my bag to get my books outside to finish my homework. I found a Pierre Cardin pen which I was sure that’s it of SHREYA. Then calling hell lot of people at last got her number, called her and told her that her pen is with me and will be returning it to you after 3 days as I was gonna go to my uncle’s place as it was her daughter’s marriage. Before ending up the call the questions were shot on me that where did u get the number from and who gave this that etc. And then before ending the call she said this sweet thing ” thanks by the way to tell me that it’s with u I was worried whether it was lost, that’s one special pen in my life which my dad gifted me. This is the only one token of his memory which I keep it to myself all the time,return it to me when you come back to the school.  anyways bye. Good night.. ”

This made me realize that she lost her dad. Such a poor kid. So this made me to build a soft corner for her in my heart after that day.

Things passed by very smoothly, I came to school after a nice 3 day holidays. The beauty queen was sitting on my bench already, that’s surprising. I was wondering whether PRIYA is absent, NO! She was present and was sitting with someone else. Something might have happened when I was not here, thinking this I sat on the bench towards the wall side. Then something distracted me even more, her black bra which was visible through her white top which has to be worn under the peniform for gals ( peniform is a skirt like thingy which girls wear, and normally school uniforms here in mumbai has that as a part of an uniform for girls which they have to wear it above a shirt)

Fuck heelllll hoottt It was, what a feast that was to see a girl’s boobies u always wanted to suck it out till its red. By bad luck too plays a role sometimes, she caught me and adjusted her bag between us. I coughed and started looking somewhere else. The school was over, came home, had lunch and my phone rang. It was SHREYA, I was scared that she would abuse me for what happened today.. surprisingly she was normal when I attended her call, she was like ” listen u forgot to give my pen today.. so do one thing come at 6 pm to my house and return it to me.. no excuse, I shall msg u my address” she kept the phone.. didn’t even give me chance to say whether I can come or not. Either of the ways I was free to knock her door that evening.

Msg tone rang in my phone, received her address. I was excited at the same time was nervous. I wore nice clothes, some DAVIDOFF on my neck, behind my ear lobes,some on my chest and shoulders too.. I was all ready, drove for another 20 mins and reached her place. Rang the bell, no response.. rang the bell again no response. I got irritated thinking if she has given me a wrong address to make a fool off me..

Then the door got opened, woowww what it was, I couldn’t believe my eyes.. SHREYA in nice Marron satin nighty hardly till her knees, exposing the perfect mountain curves and the shape of her boobiiieess now on that gown seduced me more than anything else on this earth. She welcomed me home and made me sat on the sofa.. she then went inside the kitchen to fetch something for me, again what a sight it was. God made her so amazing.. her ass were just going left and right seducing me half the way on that gown.. she then came with a glass of tang ( an orange drink), I took the glass and she asked me for the pen. I was like ” Oohhh yeah the pen.. here u are, and sorry couldn’t give it to u after returning. ”

She – it’s k.. happens.
She kept the pen carefully in her drawer and came sat next to me.
2 mins of silence as I was looking down at my legs.. (as I was shy enough to break the silence and talk)
She then suddenly said ” You are such a pervert weren’t u looking at my boobies ”
I was shocked to hear that and said sorry..

She – So it means that u want me to forgive you and let u just like That..
Before finishing the sentence she came and sat on my lap putting her legs on either sides,  pushing me on the back rest of the sofa .. telling me “now tell me should I punish you..? ” I couldn’t do just nod my head and say ” yes ”
She- then go ahead get your punishment.

(Wooww it was the same black bra that I saw this morning, I couldn’t believe it that I was having the girl on my lap whom I imagined of making out with)

I then went ahead and sucked her boobies on the top of the gown.. while my right hand was busy feeling her hips and the left was holding her hair.. she was releasing soft moans aaaaaahhhhhh sssssshhhhhhhh ssssshhhhhhhhhh hhhmmmm… her moans were turning me on..

Then I started kissing her shoulders with my hands doing the same things, one on the hips and the other playing with her hair.. I ,then while feeling  her hips, I pinched her hips.. she then released a hard moan oouuuccchhh aaaaahhhhmmmm.. then went on to her neck, slowly licking her neck cm by cm.. she was surely liking it.. she so wanted to kiss me hard. Her hands were reaching my face and forcefully she was adjusting my face such that she could kiss me. But am a player honey, I didn’t let her kiss me.

And went on to kiss her cleavage while she was riding on my lap as if she was on a horse. I was liking that and that was making me go wild on her.. I then bit her nipples on the top of the gown. Man the way she held my hair was awesome, which was the indication that she’s loving what am doing. Then I moved my hands inside her gown, now feeling her back. That time too she so wanted to kiss me. Aaahhaa am a big time artist babes.. I never let my things go off that easily. She then fell uncontrollable and said ” you are such a bad boy ” and went on kissing my neck while her left hand guided my right hand on her boobbbiieesss..

She then slowly went down my chest and kissed her and started licking my chest.. I then held her hair from behind and tilted on her right and started kissing her left part of the neck. She then got up suddenly while I was doing this and said ” you want to play more it seems,you don’t want me to kiss u haaan ” (she was sarcastic) I liked it. Then she made her way to a room.. ( probably it was her room) Wooww Man, I saw that ass again.. I was so sure that I am going to bang that thing down this evening.  She then pushed me on the bed. And removed her gown.. woowww the way she removed it.

Moving her hands up exposing her black bra. And her messed up hair.. that scene was such an eye candy for me.. she then came on me while I was on the bed, she then started kissing me on my chest… while her boobies were touching my lower abs, she going up and down giving the feel of her nice 36 size on my lower abs.. while her right was scrolling up and down on my thighs. I felt so good.. I got so damn horny on that..

I then held her hair and was forcing her head on my chest allowing her kiss me more and more.. while I was like aaaahhhmmmmmm hhhmmmmmm iiiiiissssssssssssssssssss ooouuuuuuuu hhhmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. she then took her right hand from the thighs and went on to feel my aroused tool over my pants. She got so frustrated about me not allowing her to kiss me and not removing my tee.. she hurriedly opened the buttons of my pant and started feeling my penis over my underwear… while the middle finger of her left hand directed into my mouth while I was just licking it.. she was just good at what she was doing.

I then again held her hair and made her to come up on me while I gave her a bloooddddyyy 10 mins ( minimum) long kiss.. she got so fucking wild that she started biting me and said ” bastard you made me wait for this, now get the punishment ” .. I too couldn’t stop, I said ” I am a bad boy, I am ready to do the mistake again “… before making me finish the sentence, she again kissed me so wildly.. our tongues met, while my hands were feeling her back and her boobies were crushed on my chest.

I then went on to her when kissing, feeeeelinnggg I slowwly and slowly… pushing it more on my penis.. its really pleasurable when ur penis is aroused and crushes in your underwear when something like this happens.. she then broke out the kiss and started licking my neck.. I couldn’t control it, while her bra was disturbing my view of her amazing juicyyyyy fuckiNnggg hoott bobbiieess. I removed it within seconds.. and then fondddlleedd her bobbiieess so sofffttllyy.. then went on to lick it by coming over her …. while my right hand was caressesing her right thing.. she started folding her legs as she so wanted me to fuck her down..

I realized but still didn’t wanted things to happen soon, so went on sucking her boobies and feeling her thighs one after the other. I then went on to her vagina, over her panties I slowly feeling it with my fingers.. she loved it. She was likkeeee ooouuuuccccchh baaabbbyyy.. hhhmmmmmm ( licking her lips with her tongue) aaaaaaaoooouuuuu iiiiisssssss baaabbbyyyyy sssshhiiiittttt fuuuuuucccckkkk biittttcccchhhhh.. ( whole doing that she was feeling my hair, I could sense the hottness running inside her body as she was pulling my hair while I was just simply playing with her vagina on her panty… I then turned her around and started kissssiinngg her back.. wetting it completely…

Then made her panty a little down, and kissed her ass cheeekksss… wowww it was as if I placed my lips on cotton candy… ffuuuuccckkk awesome it was… I bit it purposely.. she fucking releassseed a big mooaan… fffuuccckkk youuu asshoolleee… jjuuusssttt dddooo ittt aagaaaiinn bbaaabbeeesss… I then instead of biting spanked the are where I bit before.. sshhee was just loving and going on my rhythm.. she then got up and bloody threw her panty off and removed my tee shirt.. ( as I was having my tee shirt worn) and I removed my pant.

Now baby we were all nude.. started feeling the warmth of our body while we were busy kissing each other.. tongue fucking each other… and then suddenly her hands went on to my penis and she so wanted it to go in to her vagina.. she was holding it and stroking it such that it could easily go inside, without giving  a blow job she just made my penis enter her vagina while she was on me, it smoothly went inside.. Wwooowww what a warmth feeling my penis got inside her vagina.. first it didn’t go inside fully, later on I had to give a hard stroke for which she shoutteeddd ” ffuucccckkkkk bbiittcccchhhh thattt was reeeaaall gooooddd honeeyy ”

I so was getting turned on her every word she was telling to me.. sometimes even whispered to me.. ( which I liked the most) and then I held her ass cheeks and started riding her up and down.. the sound which was made, wwooowwww it was just shhhhaaaaccckk ssshhhaaaccckk sshhhaaaccckkk fuckkkk fuccckkk fffuuucccckkkk juusssttt ffuuuuccckkk mmmeee haarddderrrr… aaaaahhhhhhh uuuuu bloooddddyyy asshoolleee whheeree theee fucckkk weerrree uuu thheessee daayys… I was going on the rythmm.. telling ” oohh yeeaah baby, I aamm gonnaa fucckk u hard tooniigghhttt u bllooddyy biitttcccchhh aaaaaaa hmmmmmmmm bhheenncchooodddd ffuuuuccckkk uuuu ” … I was doing it hard and hard..

Then she started biting me on my neck and chest. Wwooowww it was super awesome. ( I like when the girl is passionate about what she’s doing ;)   ) then she turned around and came on me.. licking my neck and chest all the way down and stroked my penis till I pour some white syrup as she was tapping it on her vagina… then after 3 mins of stroking and boobiiieeeesss pressing I cummed, half were on her belly and some on her hips.. kissed her passionately after that, pressed her ass.. and then we both got over from the bed, she went on to clean herself and I followed her to the bathroom to clean my white syrup. And then when she was cleaning my sweeet white syrupp I kissed her on her neck and pressed her boobies from behind while my penis was enjjooyyin her cchuubbyy soofftt asss..

While we got ourselves clean .. she made a nice hot coffee for me. We drank that, had some nice talks.. and the routine went on for almost twice a weeeekk..

SEX is an art.. and I would like call myself an artist..

Any suggestions, comments and ” anything else naughty ” buzz me @
Am always ready for a free help ladies..

#being naughtilicious..
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